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The Perfect Skinny Jeans

The Perfect Skinny Jeans
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HAALA DENIM. Perfect fitting Women’s skinny jeans, crafted in Los Angeles from the finest premium denim.

Why are these jeans great? The EMMY projects a skinny silhouette while feeling incredibly comfortable. This particular fit elongates the torso, perks up the butt, and hugs the hips without gapping. It can be described as modern, smart, clean, and sexy. By becoming one of the first to order, you will join an exclusive customer base who cares about craftsmanship, quality, and USA manufacturing. If what you really care about is your butt looking it’s best, then we’ve got that covered too!

First Time to Kickstarter? Here’s how it works. Choose a jean (or package deal) to your liking and pledge to that reward. You receive the jeans that are described in that reward if we reach our funding goal. If we fall short of our goal, you do not get charged for your pledge and the hold on your card will be dropped. Your sizing and style selections get taken after the campaign goal is reached, so don’t worry about providing size or styles to us right away.

We need your support to raise at least $20k to begin production on our first women’s styles. In return, you get an exclusive pair of premium jeans, handmade in Los Angeles, CA.


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