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The Red Postmodern Nixie Clock

The Red Postmodern Nixie Clock
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Nuvitron Presents The Postmodern Nixie Clock; a piece of electronic art with a contemporary and elegant aesthetic. Once more, skilled artisans carefully made this gorgeous clock. It has a handcrafted wooden enclosure with 6 layers of polyurethane finish. This is also a limited production because the fabrication of those tubes ceased long time ago.

Nuvitron combined the best of retro technologies and state of the art electronics in a wonderful setting. It uses NEW nixie tubes that were manufactured decades ago in the former Soviet Union during the Cold War with the intention of being part of military equipment but they remained abandoned all these year until now. We rescued them from a cold and dusty basement in Eastern Europe and now they are the centerpiece of Nuvitron´s collection of electronic art.

The Postmodern Nixie Clock will look amazing due to its warm orange glow, giving you an old-school atmosphere, no matter where you place it.
Nuvitron, Electronics made art.

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