The Smartest Lightbox with Integrated Cameras

The Smartest Lightbox with Integrated Cameras
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Here are the MAIN BENEFITS of our photo light box:

EasyStudio is a Smart Lightbox with Multiple Integrated Cameras which help you snap ecommerce grade photos effortlessly. EasyStudio is PROBABLY THE SMARTEST LIGHTBOX With BUILT IN CAMERAS.

-No expensive camera or fancy equipment needed
-Just a smartphone to preview the shots
-Comes with multiple built in cameras and LEDs
-Take multiple-angle photos in ONE click
-Images are easily transferable (with pendrive or through WiFi)
-Simple & User-Friendly
-Foldable & Portable
-Save Time
-No Need Additional Photo Editing Softwares
-Snap 3 photos from 3 different angles at a time
-Automatically remove unwanted shades and shadows
-Download photos to Mobile Phones / Tablets / iPads / Computers via Wifi
-Save photos to USB Drive
-All these are done in less than 15 seconds

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