THE SPAMP Guitar Practice Amplifier And Distortion Effect

THE SPAMP Guitar Practice Amplifier And Distortion Effect
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The spamp is a guitar preamplifier, distortion effect and headphone practice amplifier in a conveniently sized enclosure which can be free standing or clipped on to your belt. The circuit is an original design, not a clone of any stomp box and not designed to emulate any particular sound. The main signal path is a distributed gain jfet amplifier. The very high input impedance presents minimal loading to the pick-up resulting in a wide, flat passband which sounds great. There is no tone or eq control use the control on your guitar or amplifier head. spice adjusts the gain prior to the distortion stage. This controls the amount or harshness of the distortion. heat adjusts the post distortion signal level going on to your amp or following effects. chilled no distortion, just the warm tone of jfet amplification. You can of course persuade a distorted output in chilled mode by winding up spice and or heat! fried a subtle application of even harmonics for a warm fuzz. grilled introduces odd harmonics for a meatier overdrive distortion. line in a 3.5mm socket intended for connection to a line or headphone level source from a mobile phone or other media player. a 3.5mm stereo male male cable is supplied for this. The stereo input is mixed into a mono signal and added to the guitar output path. This is a unity gain buffered pass-through, it won’t boost the volume of your iphone!

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