The Thinking Egg Mindfulness Tool

The Thinking Egg Mindfulness Tool
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  • Ergonomically designed as a useful reminder to help bring ease and mindfulness to the present moment. | “With an absolutely conquering motto – ‘It’s Time To Slow Down’,the Thinking Egg is a project designed to promote the concept of mindfulness.” forbes
  • Composed of copper and zinc, Brass has been said to have healing properties to boost the immune system while also increasing melatonin (sleep and wakefulness) | “It’s meant to symbolize life, wealth, and promise. It’s a totem of sorts, a candy-sized figurehead meant to remind you to take a deep breath, and be present in the moment.” The next web
  • Serves as a great productivity tool that discreetly and elegantly keeps restless hands busy all while being extremely portable. | “Handcrafted from wood, brass, or stone that’s meant to serve as a reminder to chill the f–k out.” business insider
  • For Stress, Anxiety Relief & Attention Management. | “Simply holding the egg and running it across your palm instantly brings a sense of calm and relaxation to your mind and body.” the chive
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