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The Ultimate Thermal Baselayer – Ultra Light & Sustainable

The Ultimate Thermal Baselayer – Ultra Light & Sustainable
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The premium performance thermal baselayer! Auto-regulates body temperature, water repellent, super light weight, and 100% recyclable.

Our baselayer works in synergy with your skin. It has the lowest heat-conductivity of any textile material available, while also pushes moistures and vapors away from your skin. Thus it retains your body heat and not letting it escape, while allowing your body to breath through the fabric, creating a microclimate between your skin and shirt. It out-performs cotton, polyester, and even wool when it comes to heat retention. Simply put, our baselayer will keep you cozy and warm without the suffocation, whether you’re taking a stroll during a chilly weather, or when you’re conquering icy mountain peaks.

Genuine Solution Thermal Baselayer uses the lightest of all apparel textile known to date. Its density is lower than water. Our material is 40% lighter than cotton, 30% lighter than polyester, and 20% lighter than nylon. When you put it on, you will not feel the weight of our baselayer at all. No more being weighing down during winter!

Our material is both chemically and biologically inert towards inorganic acids and alkalis, as well as oxidants and reducers. What does it all mean? It means that it doesn’t mold or deteriorate in the presence of bacteria, mold or other elements. It also means that it is chemically resistant to many oils and acidic or base solvents, making it one of the most skin-friendly materials known to date! It causes no allergies and can be worn even by even the most sensitive users without any problem.

Genuine Solution Thermal Baselayer uses the least absorbent textile as its material. It is naturally hydrophobic, and will never hold any moisture. The moisture moves away from the skin in the vapor stage before it has any chance to condense on the skin. It will keep both your skin and the baselayer dry from sweats and any moisture.

We use a unique dyeing process for our material that permanently binds color within the yarns. Not only the color will not fade even after thousands of washing time, but the color will not bleed onto other clothing during the wash. Say goodbye to color orientation before putting your garments into the washer!

Our baselayer is water repellent, stains and spots do not subside inside the fiber and can be easily washed away with 1/3 of the usual detergent, or even just pure water! Our material is not electrostatic and does not attract atmospheric dust. Because our material is hydrophobic, it dries itself incredibly fast after wash. Just hang them for a while and then it will be dry before you even notice it!

Made With the Most Sustainable Synthetic Textile Material on the Planet

We use Dreamfel® performance polypropylene – the most sustainable synthetic textile material on the globe. The production uses a minuscule amount of water (in contrary to cotton where up to 11,000 liters of water are used to produce 1kg), and the spinning process uses very low temperatures. Therefore less energy consumption (up to 45% less than cotton). No pesticides or toxic dyes used during production, and it is 100% recyclable. Our partner textile manufacturer gained approval and certified by BlueSign for its sustainable textile production, and our fabric is certified by OEKO-TEX 100 as Class 1 (safe for baby use).

Our Story

Genuine Solution, as the brand name suggest, we set out to provide the genuine solution when it comes to clothing. We achieve this with collaboration between us and some of the finest textile manufacturers around the globe. Genuine Solution Thermal Baselayer is our very first development, and we aim to continue to bring the highest of quality and innovations in our products.

Our partners share our vision towards quality and innovation. All our materials are ethically sourced from the best in the industry.

We have Black, White, and Grey available for both men and women.

Our thermal baselayer is designed to fit comfortably on your skin – neither too tight nor too loose.

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