The Veggie Chinese Takeaway Cookbook

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At last you can satisfy your cravings for Chinese takeaway without wok-loads of msg or unnervingly soft lumps of meat! The Veggie Chinese Takeaway Cookbook contains over 70 vegetarian and vegan takeaway classics. From Tom Yum soup and spring rolls to fried tofu with chilli and black beans; using fresh ingredients and quality meat alternatives, they’re healthier and packed with way more flavour than their fast-food counterparts. The best bit? This bountiful book is written by Kwoklyn Wan, a third-generation chef who grew up in his dad’s Cantonese restaurant. Let’s just say he knows his number 31 from his 74, and can whip up a damn tasty 103. In all seriousness, follow Kwoklyn’s recipes and you’ll be creating dishes that taste even better than your local Chinese takeaway.

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