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The Vintage Nixie Clock

The Vintage Nixie Clock
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This Vintage Nixie Clock is handcrafted using new old stock tubes. These Nixie tubes are at least 30 years old and have never been used before. Because Nixie tubes are not longer in production, quantities are very limited for this exclusive clock produced. Each clock will have an accompanying certificate of authenticity. We designed the Nuvitron´s Vintage Nixie Clock in an art deco style combining retro technologies with the look and feel of the mid thirties.

It resembles the radios made in bakelite at the beginning of the last century, a time where aviation was just taking hold, the airplane wings appear on our logo and in the clock itself. It has a handcrafted wooden enclosure made with selected woods such as mahogany and maple to ensure a beautiful woodgrain. The skilled artisans sanded by hand each piece and then glued them together to achieve a smooth surface guaranteeing there are not two identical Vintage Nixie Clocks.

We avoided lacquers and other artificial chemicals. Instead, we used natural oils that nourish the wood allowing it to breathe in any type of weather and humidity. This tubes were manufactured in the former Soviet Union and were kept in basements in their original boxes during the Cold War. For your enjoyment, Nuvitron brings this old school technology to your home. The clock can work flawlessly in the 5 continents because it accepts 110V and 220V in both frequencies, 50 and 60 Hz. Dimensions: 7.8″ width x 4.5″ height x 3.8″depth Weight: 2.2 lbs What is in the box?

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