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The Wine Dock

The Wine Dock
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With the addition of our “unique” sling system and adapted slot, you can secure your beer bottle compared to the original Wine Dock! Do you enjoy music and a beverage outdoors? If so we have a great solution that will bring the two of them together in this Phone/MP3 dock/Speaker and wine glass/beer bottle/cup holder. When camping, at the beach, at a picnic or just hanging out in the backyard at a bonfire this wine glass holder and smartphone dock makes the experience better. Our dock includes a 2 wine glass/beer bottle/cup holder stand featuring a passive speaker that naturally increases the volume by 7-15 db(no batteries required). The top is made of solid wood and the leg is a three piece steel design.

It stands 28 inches tall assembled and only 12.5 inches disassembled and ready to travel. with its own carrying bag. This dock works with most popular MP3 players and many smartphones. As long as the speaker is either on the bottom of the device, lower back side, or upper backside(will require device to be inserted upside down). Works really well with IPhone 4, IPhone 4S, IPhone 5, Iphone 6, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S3, and HTC DNA. Enjoy your time more and be more comfortable with securing your glass of wine or other favorite beverage.while you are outdoors. Each dock is handcrafted. The unit pictured is not the unit you will receive, the ones you receive will be of similar color and build. The wooden top adds uniqueness with the natural features of the material used.

Securely holds any combination of bottles, cans, or stemmed glasses
three piece leg comes apart for easy traveling
Increases sound level of most smartphones and mp3 platers by 7-15 decibels
Comes with its own carring bag
Leg can be used at three different heights

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