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The World’s Best Music and Bluetooth Enabled Hoodie | Hiody

The World’s Best Music and Bluetooth Enabled Hoodie | Hiody
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HIODY is the ultimate musically-infused hoodie. With its BT/Amp Module and Oversized Speakers HIODY lets you enjoy music in a new way!

It is a supreme quality sweatshirt that is a true amalgamation of Hi FI technology, fashion, and music. HIODY is user friendly and its integrated technology makes it a comfortable and useful product for everyone. No matter if you are relaxing at home, commuting to work, or engaging in your favorite activity, HIODY is the best way to listen to your music and manage your phone.

The Speakers, Microphone,Control Button, BT/Amp Module integrated within this patented product make it one of a kind. Have a captivating sound experience snug into the hood while nobody around you can hear, or take a call at the office with your hood down. The central multifunctional green control button allows you to play, stop, forward or rewind music as well as intercept and answer phone calls. The front pocket contains the Bluetooth/Amplifier Module that gives all the power you need to the oversized speakers and connects wirelessly to your device, it is easily removed for charging and while doing so you can still have full capabilities by plugging in your device via HIODY’s 3.5 mm Jack . To stop your device from bouncing in your pocket we added 2 elastic straps right where you need them. All HIODY’s HardWare is artfully hidden within the design of the sweatshirt, making it’s capabilities invisible from the outside.

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