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The World’s Most Effective & Smartest Organic Air Purifier

The World’s Most Effective & Smartest Organic Air Purifier
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Organically eliminates indoor mold, bacteria and heavy particles. 1 year free supply of refills. Smart & portable Australian technology.

Welcome everyone!! We have created the worlds first all-in-one organic, smart, mold and mosquito control system.

Vbreathe merges advanced engineering and our own pioneered organic gel technology. It removes 98% of airborne microbes from your indoor environment.

VActive gel is a unique blend of natural organic Australian essential oils combined to produce an amazingly effective defense against mold and bacteria.

Eliminates up to .1 micron of harmful airborne microbes by combining Hepa filteration and our proprietary Organic VActive Gel.

A short history as to why we developed the VActive Gel.

Working for many years in clean room quality control, and owning an air handling systems fitted with all technically advanced methods:- Carbon filtration on fresh air, followed by electrostatic precipitator, followed by UV-C lighting, followed by two banks of HEPA Filtration, and still mould formed on the registers of the air conditioning. From there, investigation uncovered a multitude of other solutions from evacuate and fumigate, to the outright dangerous (Ozone), and use of ineffective 10% Tea Tree Oil products.

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