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TheTsunami App

TheTsunami App
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Receive live push notifications whenever a tsunami is about to hit and get directions to the nearest safe zone. If you are located in an area prone to tsunamis, this app can save your life. Here’s how it works.

We will tap into a global network of buoys using the cloud database. This information will provide us with all of the necessary details of each tsunami, including speed, direction and height. Our servers will also process the topographic onshore and offshore landscapes of the coasts, enabling them to calculate which parts of each shore will likely be hit by flooding.

This was made possible by advances in tsunami technology that have been used to identify tsunami hazard zones. Using these hazard maps, we are able to guide people out of harm’s way and let them know when they are in a safe zone. In order for the app to work properly on an Android of IOS smartphone, it’s crucial that users allow push notifications from the outset. From that point on, the app will remain dormant until needed, consuming about 1% of battery power each day.

The app will remain dormant either until it receives a notification from the server or until the user opens it.

We only need to receive 100KB of data in order to assess the key risk parameters, so even a bad GPRS connection shouldn’t be an obstacle for the users seeking risk updates.

Users will receive push notifications with yellow alerts the moment our servers receive the respective alerts from the buoy database.

Further calculating the parameters of flooded zones and sending further push notifications about the real risk for each user would take about 2-3 minutes.

Calculating the route to the safe zone will require more data traffic than the initial messages, but if there is shortage of GPRS signal (due to earthquake damages of cell phone stations, for example) the user can still use the app’s built-in compass to navigate his or her way to safety.

Depending on the circumstances of each event and the location of the user, their individualized safe-route may lead further inland, uphill or to the roof of a tall building.

What’s more, you can use our app during any sort of flooding. Whether the floods are caused by a tsunami, a hurricane or any other disaster, stranded users can tap the app’s SOS button to be immediately connected with all relevant emergency professionals in the vicinity. With one tap of the button, all nearby emergency professionals will be alerted to the user’s exact location. Thus, users can focus on tending to their immediate needs rather than calling 911 and attempting to discern their own whereabouts.

The technology we’re relying on will work even when GPS and GPRS signals and smartphone batteries are at their weakest. The app needs only about 100KB of data to send over the SOS signal to the emergency center.

TheTsunami app is ready from the client’s side. All we need now to make it work properly is to gather the funds required to fine-tune the server with the flooding prediction model for each user and to gain secure access to the buoy network.

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