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Thiele Tube Cardboard Vase

Thiele Tube Cardboard Vase
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THE LAB is a series of three test tube vases inspired by the refined aesthetic of laboratory equipment. Each one is minimal, geometric and handmade.

Thiele Tube

“Thiele tube, named after the German chemist Johannes Thiele, is a laboratory glassware designed to contain and heat an oil bath. Such a setup is commonly used in the determination of the melting point of a substance.”

A new take on the original triangular form of Thiele tube and translating it into a simple geometric presentation that elegantly showcases the flower on an angle. Each vase is carefully handmade. Shop the full collection here.

Measurements: 200x200x80mm

Colour: Grey

Material: Corrugated Cardboard, glass

Form Maker creations are made to order for you in our studio, please allow 5 business days prior to shipping.

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