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Thinkhat The Snug Utensil Clips

Thinkhat The Snug Utensil Clips
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These innovative and elegant pot clips for spatulas and spoons and various other stirring utensils save them from the day to day tortures in the kitchen. They save your wooden spatulas from burning, prevent plastic ones from melting, and save metal ones from getting too hot, so you can be rest assured your precious utensils will stay protected for a long time.

You just need to slide them on your utensil handles and clip them onto the rim of your cooking utensil. This way your spatulas, spoons, turners etc. stay thermally insulated from the hot pots and pans and save them from the intense heat. The clips are 100% food grade, made of FDA compliant silicone, and they are heat resistant up to 570F or 300C. No more worrying about leaving your spatulas unattended and find them burnt later on. The clips are thoughtfully designed keeping cleanliness in mind. Unlike other pot clips, there are no nooks and crannies where food can get stuck which can lead to mold over a period of time.

Also, silicone, by nature is anti-microbial. These utensil clips are completely Dishwasher Safe. The utensil holder also prevents messy drips on the stove and countertop since it practically eliminates the need for a spoon rest and having to constantly take your spatulas back and forth between the stove and the spoon rest. This also saves that precious countertop space. Slide them onto serving spoons and prevent them from sliding into serving dishes or food. Clip them onto the cooking utensil rim and then put the lid on to keep it open just a little to prevent hot contents from boiling over. Each set contains various size clips to fit most utensil handles. Small clips can be used for spatulas with thinner handles and Large clips will mostly fit the thicker, rounder varieties.

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