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Thirst Extinguisher Novelty Drinks Dispenser

Thirst Extinguisher Novelty Drinks Dispenser
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Finally a cure for thirst emergencies! Get the Thirst Extinguisher Drink Dispenser for your home bar or as a 21st birthday gift! Fun for Stag Parties too!

No need to call the authorities for your next thirst emergency, simply turn to your Thirst Extinguisher to handle the emergency in seconds!

Looking a lot like a real fire extinguisher (but not, so please don’t try to put out any real fires with it!), the red, yellow and clear canister has an authentic looking pump handle. The rubber straws dispense a drink when the handle is pumped to put out the flames of your thirst almost instantly.

The Thirst Extinguisher has a capacity of 1.5 litres which makes it perfect to use as mini party keg or for one person to nurse all evening. You can fill it with the beverage of your choice; wine or beer are both excellent choices for liquids to quench thirst emergencies, but you could also fill it with a non-alcoholic drink if you choose.

Order a Thirst Extinguisher for your home bar to have on hand in case of emergency! You never know when extreme thirst is going to happen, so it’s best to be prepared for any eventuality!

The Thirst Extinguisher can also be purchased as a gift for anyone who might encounter a thirst emergency in the future. Potential candidates for the Thirst Extinguisher include stags, people turning 21 or experiencing a birthday or any kind, hens, people celebrating a sporting win (or commiserating a loss), people watching a sporting event and people who occasionally forget to drink enough!

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