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ThumbSaver Magnetized Nail Setter

ThumbSaver Magnetized Nail Setter
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Ouch! Gosh darn it! Dang all of it! That smarts! Isn’t that what you all the time say after hitting your thumb with a hammer? The Thumbsaver to the rescue! Invented by a long-time framing contractor, the Thumbsaver is a sturdy hand software that homes a strong magnet to carry nearly any nail, staple, or screw, whereas retaining thumbs and different appendages at a protected distance.

The Thumbsaver has a rubber consolation grip secured round a sturdy strong aluminum shaft that homes a robust magnet on the top capable of maintain nearly any fastener. It has confirmed on the jobsite to carry as much as the hardest use and abuse from the heaviest of waffle head hammers. It lets you simply maintain tiny staples, tacks, image hanging hardware, or ending nails, by no means considering twice about your palms.

Professionals, weekend do-it-yourselfers, hobbyists, redecorators and crafters alike rave concerning the innumerable makes use of of this ingenious and sensible software. Now everybody can take pleasure in a pain-free sense of accomplishment after finishing any undertaking giant or small.

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