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Thunder Trampoline

Thunder Trampoline
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Designed by a team of industrial design and safety experts, Thunder has the best bounce of any recreational trampoline in existence. Thunder is the safest, strongest and most stylish trampoline ever created. It has turned the world of trampolining on its head and pushes the limits of what is possible.

Years of Trampoline Games: Your children will have fun playing games like trampoline twister and follow the leader with HexVex tm printed on the mat.
Strong, Long-Lasting FrameResistant to rust, scratches and cracks, Thunder’s frame will last a lifetime in tip-top condition. The unique shape of the strong dual-frame design means you’ll feel more power in every bounce.

Soft-Edge Technology. An integrated net and a soft-edge system improve trampoline safety for your peace of mind.
Safer Bouncing with Leaf Springs No springs to get caught in, no frame to hit. Thunder is the first soft-edged trampoline in the world to use Leaf Springs instead of coil springs to power your bounce. The bounce is straight up and down, so it’s gentle on joints!
Made of galvanized Steel and Silk Terylene.

Available in three sizes:
12′ Trampoline: 144″ L x 144″ W x 120″ H
Weight: 379 lbs
14′ Trampoline: 170″ L x 170″ W x 120″ H
Weight: 489 lbs
16′ Trampoline: 194″ L x 194″ W x 120″ H
Weight: 599 lbs

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