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TimeShaker Micro Alarm Clock

TimeShaker Micro Alarm Clock
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TimeShaker™ Micro is the perfect companion to start your day with. This compact alarm clock allows you to choose from multiple alarm options, including a unique shaker that fits under your pillow and vibrates to wake you up without disturbing anyone else in the room. Powerful stereo speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite radio stations or stream music from your phone via Bluetooth® in full, rich sound. Additional convenient features such as a dual alarm option, a positive LCD display and a USB charging port make TimeShaker™ Micro the only wake up call you’ll ever need. Although TimeShaker™ Micro has multiple traditional alarm options, it also includes a unique shaker that can wake you up without disturbing others.

The shaker is small enough to fit under your pillow and vibrates at a set time to awaken you. Couples and roommates can take advantage of the shaker to wake up discreetly. Heavy sleepers and those who are hearing impaired can use the shaker in conjunction with an audible alarm to ensure they wake up on time. TimeShaker™ Micro doubles as an FM radio, allowing you to enjoy all of your favorite radio stations. If you want to listen to music from your smartphone or tablet, you can pair it to TimeShaker™ Micro wirelessly via Bluetooth®. The pairing process is quick and simple so you can start listening to your favorite songs in a matter of seconds.

Unique, patent pending shaker vibrates to wake up even the deepest sleepers
Stream music wirelessly from your mobile device via Bluetooth®. Also charge your Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4/4s, Galaxy 3/4/5 and other cell phones with USB cable (not included)
Stereo speakers bring full, rich sound to your music
Jumbo, easy-to-read positive LCD display
Multiple alarm options: music, radio, buzzer, bed shaker

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