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Tinder on a Rope

Tinder on a Rope
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Fire building made easy, the pure and natural way. Don’t build your fire with noxious fumes or harmful chemicals. Use the time-honored, organic method that resembles the centuries-old art of the native fire-builder. TinderSticks are made from Pino de Ocote, a fatwood pine cultivated from the heart of the ancient Mayan Empire in the highlands of Guatemala and Mexico.

With an 80% resin content, TinderStick shavings are easy to light even when wet, and produce an extremely hot flame. Tinder-on-a-Rope consists of one block of wood approximately six inches long attached to a handy lanyard. Simply scrape and carve enough tinder to light your fire and store the remainder for future needs. Works great for campfires, barbeques or emergencies.
All natural – high resin content wood
Lights even when wet
Easy to light and produces an extremely hot flame
Natural product varies in size and weight. Approximately 6 x 1 x 1 inches; 50-70g

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