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Tine Tags Audio/Video Stickers

Tine Tags Audio/Video Stickers
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Meet TINE, the easiest way to stick video to stuff. Think Post-it note meets YouTube – TINE tags are stickers that work with the TINE app on your smartphone. You can stick a TINE tag on anything, scan it with the TINE app and link a video or audio message. When someone else scans the tag with the TINE app, your message instantly plays on their phone and you get notified. It’s like a digital Post-it note.

How it Works:
Stick – add a tine tag to something like a greeting card
Scan – use the free tine App to scan a tag with your smartphone
Record – link a video that’s already on your phone, or record
When someone scans the tag with the tine app, your message instantly plays and you get notified

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