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Tipsy Wine Tasting Glass

Tipsy Wine Tasting Glass
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Good wine is tested by its look, smell and taste.

Tipsy is a wine tasting glass designed to help you experience wine with all your senses. Through its shape, we hope to have created a balance between joyful design with an increased functionality. We want Tipsy to become the testing tool of wine connoisseurs and wine lovers, a coveted collectible piece for any sommelier, enthusiast or anyone who appreciates good wine and industrial design.

The angle permits you to see the color of the wine without the distorsion of the glass. It releases the aroma towards you to let you smell the scent of the wine as it swirls. With Tipsy, you can swirl the glass in two ways: by holding it from its neck and angling it slightly up and then using the movement of your wrist or by holding it from its base. Then you simply lift the glass toward your face and the entire vapor will be projecting towards your nose.

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