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Tittle LED Light Cube

Tittle LED Light Cube
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The innovative LED light cube that transforms traditional home lighting into a variety of stunning, uniquely designed 3D animations.

Choose your favorite color and intensity to your liking through a simple color wheel.

3D Emoji
Send personalized 3D animated emojis to any other Tittle Light users.

Music Visualizer
Tittle Light can generate exhilarating 3D animated imagery through synchronizing with any surrounding music and sounds in real time.

Mood lighting
Choose from various unique mood designs based on your current frame of mind to create a dramatic atmosphere in any room.

When you are away from home for work or vacation, you can turn on or off Tittle Light at a specific time to create an “at home” environment.

With a built-in quartz chip, Tittle Light can indicate time in both digital and analog manner.

With our mobile phone app & our web-based platform, users can create their own personalized frames or animations and display on any Tittle Light.

Energy Saving
Even with 512 super LEDs, Tittle Light consumes the same energy as a traditional incandescent light bulb.

Share and receive new lighting designs from your networks & Tittle-verse.

Smart Connect
Easy to use wifi connectivity, with smart one-touch technology.

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