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Tooth Fairy Door by Holly Anna

Tooth Fairy Door by Holly Anna
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A very tiny front door designed to let the Tooth Fairy, or general fairy friends visit your home with charm and ease.

Add some magic to your Tooth Fairy visit with this alluring little door.

Almost invisible to grown ups, camouflaged against skirting boards, this tiny door looks just like a plug socket from a distance. But to eagle-eyed little people it is immediately obvious that this is the entrance to the home of the Other People who come and visit the house.

Perfect for growing imaginations and adding character to enchanting homes. Why not even keep the door a surprise and wait until it is noticed by your little ones for extra fairy magic!

The door is sold as ‘locked’ as only the Tooth Fairy has the key to visit.

The door is fixed to the wall using double sided tape (not supplied), small black wooden ladder included.

Door Dimensions:
H18 x W8.5 x D1.2 cm

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