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Tornado Body Dryer

Tornado Body Dryer
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The Tornado Body Dryer is a full body dryer designed to be safely installed directly in your shower. No need to exit out of your nice, warm shower (while nude and dripping wet) to go to a separate drying area. You simply stay in your shower and dry in comfort and luxury. The Tornado Body Dryer features a full-body length air tube that dries you evenly from head to toes.

Unlike dryers featuring just one or a few large air openings directing a forceful blast of air onto the facing areas of your body, the Tornado Body Dryer contains over 200 air openings that gently and effectively create a blanket of swirling warm air to envelope and dry your entire body – front, sides and back – no matter which way you stand or sit and face.

The unit comes with two settings – for half or full power allowing you to choose the amount of air flow you want. Most people put it on half power as they are ending their shower and them on full power for efficient full body drying. Using a single simple small bracket, the Tornado Body Dryer easily attaches to the wall in the shower or near the tub.

It need not be built into a wall, which can require expensive wall demolition and construction. The Tornado Body Dryer is attractive on the outside but built rugged on the inside to provide years and years of reliable MAINTENANCE-FREE service. 2 -Yr. Warranty. Powerful, energy efficient 220v / 12.5amp motor. It will, therefore, require the services of a qualified electrician to install it. Other 15,000 units are in operation without a single safety problem or hazard.

Delivery of your Tornado Body Dryer takes 7 – 10 days. The Tornado Body Dryer is a blessing to those who are disabled and have difficulty with balance, bending down, sensitive skin or drying all areas of their body. It is also popular with Contractors, Home Builders, Hotels, Spas and Resorts that want the ultimate after-shower drying experience.

Stay in your own Warm Shower. A soothing after-shower experience. No towel needed.
Wrap yourself in a blanket of warm air that gently & completely dries your entire body.
Dry the hard-to-reach areas. Reduce chance of falling. No abrasive towels rubbing sensitive skin.
No damp or smelly towels in the laundry hamper. Reduce condensation and mildew.
Unit attaches to Wall in shower or tub so can easily be moved if you relocate in the future.

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