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Touchable Bubbles

Touchable Bubbles
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Blow ’em, catch ’em, stack ’em in your finger and watch them float! Touchable Bubbles is made with a tremendous polymer that permits the bubbles to drift tremendous robust and tremendous lengthy within the air. Blow one or tons of of those protected non-toxic bubbles and watch them float within the air with out popping! You should also try the Airzooka. This toy will be super fun!

Use it with the Fun-Fly-Stick to levitate and management the bubbles in mid-air! What you will get: One dozen 5″ measurement Touchable Bubbles. tubeIncredible Science Fun Learning Ideas: Learn concerning the hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties of cleaning soap and bubbles. Discuss frictions, air strain and elements concerned which have an effect on the bubble. Manipulate the variables to regulate the dimensions and lifetime of the bubble.
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