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Toymail Voicemail for Kids

Toymail Voicemail for Kids
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Think global walkie talkies. Toymail lets you stay connected to kids you love by sending voice messages from your phone to children through their toys. Kids can reply right back, so it’s a two-way conversation. Messages are delivered between 7 am and 9 pm as to not disturb sleep schedules. Created by Gauri Nanda, the female entrepreneur from MIT who invented Clocky, the alarm clock that runs away, and her best friend, Audry Hill, a mother of three. Toymail’s mission? To create technology for kids that doesn’t put them behind another screen.

Within minutes, connect Mailmen to your WIFI network to send and receive messages through the Toymail app. Toymail uses WIFI not bluetooth so that you don’t need to have your toy near a phone to use it!

Mailmen check for messages twice an hour. They’ll snort, whine, howl, and growl to let you know you’ve got a new toymail. When you hit the play button, they’ll speak your message in their silly voice, or yours. When a kid receives a message through the Mailmen, they can reply right from the toy. This reply goes directly to your phone. Using the free Toymail app, voice messages are stored and memories made are saved forever.

Run the free Toymail app on any IOS or compatible Android device to send messages anytime, from anywhere in the world. Messaging is free between you and the mailmen.

With toymail, you can be in the checkout line at the grocery store, playing with your kids at home or you can be a grandparent living in another part of the world. It’s the fun way to stay connected to kids you love.

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