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Transporter Private Cloud

Transporter Private Cloud
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Transporter Sync Private Cloud by Connected Data

Gone are the days of files scattered across your computers and digital devices, say goodbye to moving data around, deleting files to free up space, or searching through thumb drives. Transporter Sync changes the way you store, access and protect your photos, music, videos and documents by allowing your digital devices to work together as one device.
Everything You Need, Instantly Available Wherever You Are

With Transporter Sync, you can take a video on your phone and instantly watch it on your tablet or computer, or share it with your family without having to send it. Create a presentation on your work computer, edit it on your home computer, and present it on your tablet without having to move or copy anything. Simply plug in any USB external drive and Transporter Sync makes everything you need instantly available everywhere you are from all your devices. Welcome to the future.
What’s in the Box

Transporter Sync, Ethernet cable, AC power adapter and Installation Guide. USB drive sold separately. Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.7+, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 32 and 64 bit, Apple iOS 5.1 and higher and Android 4.0 and higher.

Automatically Sync Files Between All Your Digital Devices

Transporter makes it easy to keep files organized across all of your devices by automatically syncing your document, photo, music, and video folders. You also have an option to sync only the content you want on a particular device, making it ideal for adding capacity to your laptops, phones, and tablets.

Privately Share Anything, with Everyone You Want

One Transporter makes sharing easy. Even better, share with other Transporter users and everyone has a fast, local copy. This means no more waiting for downloads from the cloud. And with support for up to 4 Terabytes per Transporter, you can easily share and access thousands of hours of HD videos and millions of photos.

Add Terabytes of Capacity to Your Mobile Device with No Monthly Fees

Now you can instantly add terabytes of capacity to your mobile devices. That means no more deleting photos, movies, or TV shows to keep from running out of space. With the free Transporter mobile app, you can upload all of your photos, music, videos and documents, so that you never have to see the dreaded “out of storage” message again.

Transporters are Smart and Talk to One Another

Transporter offers the easiest way to protect what matters most to you. A full copy of your files is kept on your Transporter, and changes are automatically synced in real-time between devices. Add a Transporter in another location and a second copy of your files are kept safe offsite to protect against fire, flood, or theft.

Access Everything You Want, Right When You Need It

Whether you want to download movies while on vacation or access documents on a business trip, Transporter gives you easy access to your files, from all your devices, regardless of where you are. Everything stored on your Transporter – regardless of size or type – is easily accessible using the free desktop, iPhone or Android smartphone apps.

Your Own, Unlimited Private Dropbox with No Recurring Fees

Dropbox is convenient for syncing or sharing a few files, but is just too expensive for everything. Transporter offers all the convenience of Dropbox in a private device, with no monthly fees. This means no more juggling multiple cloud accounts to save money, or decisions about how to manage everything. With Transporter you can sync, share, protect and own it all.

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