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Tree Ring Rollerball Pen

Tree Ring Rollerball Pen
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With a chronology spanning early 1900’s to 2016, these pens are the perfect gift for commemorating wedding anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, corporate anniversaries, and other milestones. The year(s) of special significance inscribed on the pen corresponds exactly to the year the wood formed in the tree that became the pen. The Douglas-fir tree used to make this pen had sprouted in Western Montana in the early 1900’s. In 2016 the tree was harvested as part of a forest restoration project.

This pen features a magnetic cap that also posts on the end of the pen. Available in chrome, gold, or black titanium, this pen is made of high quality components. It comes with a premium Schmidt rollerball cartridge. The first and last year of the tree’s chronology are automatically included on the pen. Each pen will vary in origin date and grain pattern.

The pen comes with a beautiful wooden case for displaying both the pen and an information card describing the tree ring/natural history and forest restoration.

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