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Trendlendnyc is a clothing rental company in Manhattan that delivers to your door step at an exact time of your choosing.

TrendlendNYC is a clothing rental service which will add to the sharing economy immensely in NYC.  A consumer will be able to rent of piece of designer clothing that is normally $80-$250 for $5-$40.  This concept will revolutionize the way that millennials shop.  Much like Rent the Runway, Tendlend is for more casual events, thus the cheaper pricing.  Trendlend will cater to women in their 20’s and 30’s in Manhattan below 125th st.  The website allows for consumers to pick an exact date and time for the rental piece to be dropped at their doorstep as well as an exact date and time (up to 5 days after drop off) for the rental to be picked up.  This is what deters a lot of people from Rent the Runway because they are burdened with the chore to ship it back. With  on-demand delivery this will make it worth it for a 20-something to spend $20 on an outfit because they are sick of everything in their closet and they won’t have the stress of having to ship it back at the end of the weekend. Total shipping cost for drop-off and pick-up will be $4.99 via courier. These pieces will be perfect for Girls Night Out Dinner, Boozy Brunch, or Date Night with their significant other.

Thursday at work: “What am I going to wear to dinner tomorrow, I hate everything in my closet.”

Step 1: Goes on TrendlendNYC.com

Step 2: Picks a perfect piece and learns how they should style it with pieces that they already have

Step 3: Picks a date and time for the piece to be dropped at their doorstep.

Step 5: Wears the piece and takes pictures in it to send to the website

Step 6: Piece is picked up on any date and time up to 5 days later.

Price: $20

Shipping: $4.99

Total Cost to look great for GNO, Brunch, or date night: $24.99

THIS IS WORTH IT TO ANY 20-SOMETHING & 30-SOMETHING in Manhattan.  This is the same price as ordering Chinese food from Seamless one night.

This will change the way people buy clothing trends.  Every single season new trends come out and people buy them and then the next year they are no longer in stye.  TrendlendNYC will have the newest trends at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost and you wont have to feel bad the next year looking at a dress you spent $150 on that is not in trend at all anymore.

Each product page will provide insights on the best places to wear each piece, as well as recommendations on how to style the piece.  Additionally, each customer who wears the piece will be shared in the reviews area so that everyone can see what the piece looks like on everyone and not just a model.

Along with the actual rental business, TrendlendNYC seeks to be a social media star, promoting an affordable lifestyle for 20 & 30-something year old’s in NYC.  We will be blogging about out favorite restaurants and brunch places.  Also, we will be using social media to show the pieces worn by actual consumers who will be featured on our website and instagram.

TrendlendNYC has the potential to completely change the casual clothing economy.  It will be a lifestyle.  It will change the way people spend their money on clothing. It will change everything.

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