Trick or Treat Ozzy Osbourne Gene Simmons Blu-ray

Trick or Treat Ozzy Osbourne Gene Simmons  Blu-ray
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Trick or treat (1986, usa, 98 min.) Director: Charles Martin Smith. Stars: Marc Price, Tony Fields. Gene Simmons, with special guest star Ozzy Osbourne. Language: English. Subtitles: none. 16×9 Extras: Theatrical Trailer, Photo Gallery. This mesmerizing horror adventure takes you into the terrifying dark side of rock n roll. Marc Price of Family Ties fame stars as Eddie Weinbauer, a teen-age outcast who idolizes metal superstar Sammi Curr. After Sammi dies a violent death, his spirit returns to help Eddie get even with his high school tormentors. Extras: Trailer Photo Gallery Quality: 10/10 This item is a Blu-Ray-R (r = Recordable. MOD/Movie On Demand) item. There is no factory release of this title (or not within the United States), so if you’re looking for a factory release only and do not want a bd-r/dvd-r of a rare movie, please do not purchase. Only make your purchase if you clearly understand what you’re getting. i rate the image quality of these rare films on a scale of 5 – 10 (5 being really poor quality which i wouldn’t even offer and 10 being perfect hd quality). most but not all of my offerings will fall into the 8 to 9 out of 10 range with only a few that may be 7/7.5 out of 10 and i offer those based on rarity and demand. Screen captures of the actual movie are included for you to examine and determine for yourself.

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