Trigger Point Therapy Massage Reaction Ball:

Trigger Point Therapy Massage Reaction Ball:
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  • THE ONLY TOOL YOU WILL EVER NEED FOR PLANTAR FASCIITIS – This is an essential tool to penetrate the trigger points associated with plantar fasciitis that other products just can’t reach. Target the deep tissues of the calves or ball of your foot, you will be amazed to finally feel relief.
  • TOP QUALITY – Therapy Ball ideal for myofascial release on trigger points. Hefty, durable, resilient heavy-duty, high-quality able to withstand repetitive use, unlike standard reaction balls. Built tough to stand up against those chronic knots and kinks!
  • GET RELIEF ON THE GO – ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: Perfect for athletes or even if you sit at your desk or stand all day. You don’t need to be a physical therapist to release your tension with this ball. It’s simple, just use your bodyweight against a wall or on the floor, apply pressure on those tension areas and work away. The nodules of this ball mimics the feel of a forearm, allowing you to work on nearly any part of the body effectively on your own.
  • WE KNOW, You spend countless hours in the office or in the gym, you’ve got built up tension points, this ball provides targeted relief for those areas. Fix your those lingering trouble areas for good, why waste money on massages that only provide relief for a day or two. Wonderful for long term management of hard to reach trigger points you like glutes, hips, and groin.
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