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Trottola Marble Garden Light by UpGroup

Trottola Marble Garden Light by UpGroup
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Trottola Garden light by UpGroup designed by internationally acclaimed Michele de Lucchi and his protege’ Philippe Nigro was inspired by the turntable, trottola in Italian. Handmade in precious Bardiglio marble, its fun and contemporary lines in precious Bardiglio marble shows how marble can be successfully used in modern design.

UpGroup is a family run business with a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen, and quarrymen using traditional techniques, skills that require years to perfect. The marble comes from the local quarries in the Massa area, midway between the sea and the Apuan Alps in the Tuscany region of Italy. They recycle and re-use offcuts to create other smaller objects making every attempt to minimise waste of this fine material. Made to order in Italy.

DESIGNER: Michele De Lucchi & Philippe Nigro
MATERIALS: Bardiglio white statuary marble

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