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Trusco Small Trunk Tool Box

Trusco Small Trunk Tool Box
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The Trusco toolbox family is fully rounded out with this totally tight trunk style tool box. Ideal for small and delicate object storage, or maybe carrying a long lean lunch. They’re simple and kind of cute, but tough built. Formed steel can take a beating, and the indented top and little “feet” make them sturdily stackable. This is the kind of small parts organizer granddads have kicking around their workbenches that nobody really makes any more. A good fit inside either of the larger relatives , we’re planning on using these to hold all kinds of things – from screwdriver bits to pencils to thread-bearing bobbins. Snap one up, and start enjoying their snappy closure and soothing storage potential.

Formed steel – attractive top pattern, small bump “feet”
Stackable,Smooth hinge, Satisfying friction fit
Bold Trusco blue enamel
Fits nicely within Trusco toolboxes
8″ L x 4″ W x 2″ D / Made in Japan

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