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Tub Cubby Bathtub Organizer

Tub Cubby Bathtub Organizer
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Organizing the Tub Cubby Way – Look Mom I Can Clean Up All By Myself!
Never have to ask your child to clean up their bath toys with our fun bath toy organizer. They will want to do it all by themselves! Great for organizing all of your child’s bath toys, but it also has many other uses and can be used everywhere including your closet, car and is great for travel.

Pre-pack your child’s bath toys and shampoo or your makeup and toiletries. The four pockets allow you to store bath toys like Alphabet letters and squirting tub toys in the large bath toy bin pocket. The three upper bath caddy pockets can store soap and smaller toys.

Why order our Tub Cubby Bath Toy Organizer?
The Tub Cubby has:
4 Heavy Duty Lock Suction Cups
3 small pockets for soaps and shampoos,
2-ply heavy duty stiching
1 Massive Toy Bin
Makes a great baby shower gift!

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