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TunePoint Earbud Organizer

TunePoint Earbud Organizer
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TO USE: Simply hook the plug end of cord to one side of the organizer, wrap the cords around the center like a yo-yo, then hook the earbud end to the other side to secure it. When using the earbuds, release the cord to your desired length and keep the remaining length wrapped and secured with the hook. Light enough to be kept on during use. Each item may display subtle variations of color and texture as a characteristic of genuine, natural leather hides.

The TunePoint keeps earbud cords wound up and stashed away – easy to use, handle, and store.
Made with vegetable-tanned leather which feels natural and lovely to touch.
Each piece is burnished by hand with beeswax and heat.
Fits perfectly with Apple TuneBuds and other earbuds with slim, in-line mics. For earbuds with thicker in-line mics, we recommend winding the cords up to the mic.
Available in rich hues of orange, tan, black, mahogany, purple, and red. Item does not include earbuds.

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