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TUPLUS CORE 25” Checked Luggage

TUPLUS CORE 25” Checked Luggage
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If what you want is to travel in style, then you would also want to travel with the TUPLUS CORE. With a polished design fit for only those with class and elegance, the new 25’’ aluminum bag TUPLUS CORE is everything you need to enjoy a nice trip.

Professionally engineered and tested to cater for all your luggage needs during a journey with a series of amazing features that is unique to the brand. Travel with no worries with our new checked suitcase TUPLUS CORE today.

Seamless shell design
Its goodbye to traditional zippers as the close system is designed with advanced lock system combined with the absence of rivets and screws giving it a fine finish. This seamless design is a definition of an aesthetic and flawless piece of luggage.

Durable exterior shell
The outer casing is made with first class aircraft aluminum and magnesium alloy for maximum durability. With a thickness of 8mm and 9x anodized surface that is sturdy enough to resist damages as a result of falls and harsh conditions. The TUPLUS CORE has also undergone and passed a rigorous lab drop test to guarantee resistance against severe damage in terrible situations.

Easy handling and better grip
Equipped with a one-piece aluminum pull rod for easy handling and a firm grip during motion. The rod is also flexible with a three-level adjustment and has an elastic rubber on handle for added comfort. Unlike regular checked suitcases, TUPLUS CORE gives you a much better way to handle your luggage on the go.

Customized Hinomoto wheels
Built for all floors, our custom Hinomoto wheels have gone through strict lab drop tests to guarantee its reliability. The wheels come with two bearings improve motion and balance the load. Also, 360 degree wheels enhances maneuverability of the suitcase during motion, especially in busy environments.

Patented flip lock mechanism
Securing your personal belongings is important, that’s why the new TUPLUS CORE is equipped with a new patented lock mechanism. The two flip TSA locks which is a new TUPLUS invention helps keep your things safe and prevents the case from opening accidentally. The locks are easy to open and close, requiring not more than a simple thumb press to operate.

Multiple interior compartments
Packing just got better with two zippered interior compartments that can accommodate 85L of load, alongside two removable wash bags for laundry or other essential things you don’t want mixed up with other luggage. Now you can arrange everything you need in a more orderly fashion.

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