TUPLUS X2 Carry-On Suitcase

TUPLUS X2 Carry-On Suitcase
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The first objective of any person planning a trip somewhere is smart packing. One could never have enough space and at the end, you always end up leaving your favorite sandals or your hat.

Or in the worst case scenario, you end up taking the most horrendous looking piece of luggage. Just because it was the only one that would fit all your travel essentials(don’t get me started on travel essentials…).

But, gone are those moments of being in a dilemma with the TUPLUS X2 Carry-On Suitcase!(yeey!)

At first glance, its good looks will blow you away, but how many good looking baggage have you bought only to disappoint you at the end? But the TUPLUS X2 Carry-On Suitcase is just more than looking grand.

The most impressive features of the TUPLUS X2 Carry-On Suitcase are:

  • It is made of aircraft 6th grade aluminum. It is as tough as you could expect and the whole body is encased with this material which is one of the superior qualities of aluminum.
  • TUPLUS X2 Carry-On Suitcase has a one touch open system. This means that there is no huffing and puffing to open your luggage or looking for the latch or zip to open it. All you have to do is press a single button and hello, sophistication in its finest form!
  • There is a built-in TSA lock embedded right there on the frame for maximum security and a clean look overall.
  • The Tuplus X2 is equipped with hydraulic hinges which lessens the weight and increases the space of your suitcase.
  • It has ergonomic handles for maximum comfort.

Is made of a superior quality aluminum making it strong and sturdy.

It has maximum security and the one-touch system makes it a user friendly suitcase.

If you love to travel without having to worry about your luggage, then the Tuplus X2 is an investment. It is high quality and easy to handle.

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