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TURBO Bathroom Toilet Stool

TURBO Bathroom Toilet Stool
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Turbo Stools come in two models, TURBO is the base model and FUSION is the height adjustable model. Designed in USA, Turbo Stools help you squat with the western toilet. This squatting posture is known to be better for colon health and is doctor recommended. The patented ramp design makes Turbo Stool the most functional and elegant toilet stool offering easy, easily-adjustable, comfortable, and natural squatting. One size – because of the adjustable squat, Turbo Stools work for most people and toilet heights. TURBO – Product specs: TURBO dimensions are approximately 21.5” wide, 13” deep, and 3.5” high at the lower toes area and 8.25” high at the top of the hill ramp. The arc is designed to fit a toilet base with diameter 10” or less.

It is plastic injection molded from high quality and durable plastic, and weighs about 2.5 lb. Sizing: A good rule of thumb is, if your feet rest on the floor comfortably when you sit on your toilet, you should be able to use Turbo Stool’s (TURBO and FUSION) unique ramp design to get a good squat and adjust. If your feet does not even touch the floor while sitting on your toilet, you can probably still use the Turbo Stool to rest your feet on it and even get some squat (also don’t forget that you can use the massage!). Will it work for me? Human beings are designed to squat to release, so it should work. However if someone is not used to squatting before, it may take weeks or even months to get used to it. If you are unsure, before ordering you may try using some blocks or step stool to see if squatting works for you. If it does, a Turbo Stool should make squatting a lot easier and comfortable for you.

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