Turquoise statement bracelet Valentines day gift for her

Turquoise statement bracelet Valentines day gift for her
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Turquoise statement bracelet, Valentines day gift for her, adjustable bracelet for women, 7th anniversary gift for wife, unique gifts for == please note!!! i used liquid patina and sometimes this process is out of my ability to control this reaction!!! The process of patina covering may result in darker or lighter color. every peace of my jewelry i made by hands. And every time they are changes! But i think this is exactly beauty of hand made work! Thank you and enjoy!!! == note: Adjustable bracelets, flexible bracelets == Material: Copper, blue patina, suede == Please, avoid dropping jewelry! == Please, keep the jewellery away from perfume and other alcohol containing fluids because the alcohol damages the patina. Store the fragile items in separate boxes and treat them with care. Misuse may result in damage.

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