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Turtle Black-and-Tan Pourer with Opener

Turtle Black-and-Tan Pourer with Opener
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Pour black and tans like a seasoned pro with this combination turtle spoon and beer bottle opener! This snapping turtle spoon is sure to become any stout lover’s best friend! You can easily pour a perfect pint of layered beer that is as beautiful as it is refreshing.

It fits right on top of your pint glass while its body transforms a stream of creamy stout into tiny rivulets that create luxurious layers of stouty foam. Need to crack a beer? The turtle’s mouth doubles as a handy bottle opener. Best of all, a recipe book with ten more half and half drinks is included to quench your thirst for a unique quaff.

If you’re a fan of the black and tan, you need this stainless steel amphibian on your side! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Made of stainless steel. Doubles as a bottle opener. Fun turtle design. Turtle tail can be used as a box opener. Creates black & tans and other layered beers. . . Specs: Dimensions: 7″W x 4″H x 2″D. Includes: (1) Black and tan turtle spoon. (1) Recipe book for half and half drinks.

Pour a perfect black and tan or any delicious layered beer with this fun turtle-shaped stout spoon.
Formed from premium-grade stainless steel.
Possesses the shell-shape, claws and snappers to make it a natural for the job!
Its body transforms a stream of stout into tiny rivulets which make layering possible.
The mouth of the snapper makes for a handy beer bottle opener, too.

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