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Two Color 3D Printer

Two Color 3D Printer
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Winner of the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award, this is the two-color printer that creates exact, three-dimensional reproductions of objects.
Over a thousand free designs, such as an iPhone case, a bracelet, and the Sphinx of Hatshepsut can be downloaded from a website.
The printer extrudes 70-micron thin layers of warm, viscous thermoplastic that hardens within seconds, forming a solid, three-dimensional meticulous reproduction.

The printer holds two thermoplastic cartridges (one neon green included; more available below in 23 colors), enabling monochrome or dual-color prints.
The three-dimensional prints can be as large as 6″ cu., and for intricate or delicate designs, the device automatically incorporates plastic supports that can be removed when the print is finished.
Design files are exported to the printer via Wi-Fi or the included USB flash drive and the printers color touchscreen allows optimization of print settings.

Additional designs can be purchased and downloaded from the website or generated using three-dimensional modeling software (not included).
Each cartridge yields up to 14 prints.

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