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The Two Essences TV Sitcom Pilot

The Two Essences TV Sitcom Pilot
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Jade films and entertainment, creator of the two essences is on a mission to spotlight fresh voices of the unseen featuring deaf talents of color on Netflix!!

My name is Jade. I am an award-winning deaf filmmaker. I am the creator of  THE TWO ESSENCES.  Aspire to be a show runner, I recognizes the thriving market of the digital streaming platforms and network industry, which lack stories about Deaf People of Color and varied deaf-centric content.

THE TWO ESSENCES is deserving of positive representation of Intersectional and diverse Deaf Talents of Color in film and television. Essence Chamberlain-Dubois is a free spirit, snazzy, 38 year-old, self-taught freelance Day Trader and part-time housewife with three children. She decides to go back to school to pursue a degree in business at a black school where her 18 years old and self-centered deaf daughter, Zoë Essence, is also attending. This mortifies Zoe Essence. This is a story about a first and second generations’ mixed race Deaf and Hearing family.

Jade Bryan, CEO of Jade Films and Entertainment commented: “There is a market for movies that feature Deaf Talent of Colors and their stories due to the fact we have been overlooked in the media and film industry.” Jade Films believes in creating jobs behind the camera for people whom are usually shun due to their Deafness but are exceptionally capable of doing an exemplary job in front of the camera or behind the camera! Hollywood and the entertainment industry have been sleeping on a segment of the population for too long. It is time to for the moviemakers to come out with our own stories.

The Production budget is $75,000 to shoot 6 episodes. The fund is primarily to finance our production costs like lighting equipment, legally necessary permits and production insurance, cameras, memory cards, hard drives, gasoline, car rental, lodging, feeding cast and crew. Creating the look of the shows are expensive!

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