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TWO01 Carbon Fiber Ceiling Fan

TWO01 Carbon Fiber Ceiling Fan
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The TWO01 Carbon Fiber Ceiling Fan designed by Giulio Gianturco for CEA Design is a minimalistic ceiling mounted fan with 5 carbon fiber blades.

TWO01 Carbon Fiber Ceiling Fan combines unique sharp and High-Tech looking design flexibility of application and low energy consumption. It is a result of CEA’s “Air Revolution” project, aimed at creating an aesthetically pleasing fan with excellent energy efficiency.

By using carbon fiber fan blades its net weight is very low, despite the fact that it is a fairly large ceiling fan with a 2.7 m diameter. The ultra-low weight in conjunction with an energy efficient motor and a special curved blade design, enables the fan to consume only 9 watt electricity at its maximum speed (less than an energy saving light bulb).

The carbon fiber blades are bent in a unique way which forces maximum air downwards, providing maximum reach of air throughout the room. Another advantage of the design is the enhanced flexibility of application. The motor is detached from the control unit and placed directly over the fan blades. Therefore by using customized extension cables it is possible to easily install the fan in any distance from the ceiling, a valuable option for architectural applications. The TWO01 Ceiling Fan has 5 speed settings and is controlled using an RF (Radio Remote Control) system.

The TWO Carbon Fiber Ceiling Fan is available in two versions with either 5 or 3 blades (model TWO02) and the performance of the fan is notable at higher roof areas where normal ceiling fans don’t function properly. It is ideal for places with very high ceilings, such as bars, offices, restaurants, airports and hotels, due to the flexibility of practically infinite height adjustment. Moreover the radio remote control system which is equipped with RF and electromagnetic static filter guarantees that you can remote control the fan over large distances and without interferences from other devices.

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