Uber Scuuter Plus

Uber Scuuter Plus
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Go everywhere and travel faster with the Uber Scuuter Plus! With a high speed of 15 MPH and covers a span of 27 miles (per charge), this scooter is  among the first portable and powerful electric scooters.

Your city commute is made more convenient with this scooter.

Uber Scuuter Plus is portable and powerful

Built with a powerful and efficient motor, you can reach your destination faster with the Uber Scuuter Plus, when walking is not the best alternative.

This electric scooter can cover a speed of up to 15MPH and with a battery span of 27 miles per charge.

If you are concerned about downtime, don’t be! Thanks to the powerful Lithium-Ion battery backup you don’t need to charge it everyday(that is if you don’t have to commute 27 miles to work!).

Wait for at least 3 to 5 hours for recharging the battery after it completely shuts down. It also comes with an automatic shut off protection feature if you ever forget to turn it off.

This scooter comes with military-level tires, and the German-made electric motor will help to power you up efficiently, enabling you to ride on any terrain.

The foldable design makes the Uber Scuuter Plus to be easier to store when not in use.

You can fold it and carry it anywhere by putting it inside your vehicle, bus, train or other public transportation effortlessly. 

Cool design and features

Drive in comfort and style with the genuine leather seat, shockproof suspension, and Bluetooth speaker.

It also features the LCD layout where you can get information on temperature, speed, trip mileage, malfunctions, and battery life. You can also use the LCD to check your phone charging status.

The electric scooter also comes with a built-in USB 2.0 port so  you can charge your smartphone or tablet while you ride. It also features a bright LED headlight to illuminate your path.

If you don’t believe me, here is a cool video about Uber Scuuter Plus:

The Uber Scuuter Plus is a pretty cool electric scooter which will help you get where you need to without problems. It is easy to carry and store when not in use. 

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