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Ubooly Learning Toy

Ubooly Learning Toy
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What if there were a toy that could help bolster your child’s unique imagination and creativity? What if this toy were also educational? What if it looked like a furry marshmallow with ears? Introducing UBOOLY! Ubooly will entertain and educate your child for hours with games, challenges, jokes and adventures designed and written by top educators.

Parents love Ubooly, too. Far from passive entertainment like TV or video games, Ubooly encourages your child to get up and move around. Every week, new activities are pushed wirelessly to your mobile device, so Ubooly’s content is always dynamic and fresh. Introduce your child to their new best friend (and your favorite little helper) today.

Learns your child’s name, interests and preferences
Comes with over 1000 fun & educational activities
Automatically downloads new content
Ubooly encourages kids with healthy habits like teeth brushing
Compatible with: iPhone 3Gs, iPod touch 4th gen, Samsung Galaxy III, HTC One and all newer generations of these devices

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