Ukulele Strap UKE THONG Adjustable 4 Colors Free Uke

Ukulele Strap  UKE THONG  Adjustable  4 Colors  Free Uke
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Comfortable strap / barrel style slider / black hook strap the original uke thong no hard plastic hook to scratch the sound hole of your uke! no buckle to scratch your uke! This adjustable cord lock ukulele strap is light and comfortable. It is made for a uke – not a retrofitted guitar strap! (The sound hole hook on a guitar strap is too thick, and tends to buzz against a soprano ukulele first string.) The sound hole hook is padded with the webbing to protect your instrument. Hook into sound hole and place the webbing under the waist of the instrument. For Pineapples, Flukes and Fleas, run the webbing forward, parallel with the fretboard, and then behind the neck. i am a uke player and make these by hand. Please look at my feedback to see comments from happy Uke Thong purchasers. Here is a very talented customer using a Uke Thong:

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