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Umbrella Pot Eco-friendly Planter

Umbrella Pot Eco-friendly Planter
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It rains a lot in Japan: there’s even a rainy season when it rains almost daily for 4-5 weeks. And rains means umbrellas, which means a lot of dripping on floors, especially in offices. The most common solution is to park your umbrella stand in the entrance but famous designer Kouichi Okamoto had a better idea: Why let all this dripping water go to waste? And thus, he created the Umbrella Pot, a brilliant idea combining an eco-friendly planter and an ornament.

Drawing from Japan’s long tradition in pottery, Okamoto created a superb piece of minimalist design in white, durable ceramic and added a small “pocket” in front. This can be filled with soil so you can plant some seeds: the water from the dripping umbrellas will provide the seeds their hydration and pretty soon you will have a mini, self-sustained garden adding more personality to what would otherwise be a boring umbrella stand. The Umbrella Pot will make your home or office environment greener, drier, and more aesthetically pleasing with a touch of Japanese ingenuity!

The Umbrella Pot features:

Designed by internationally acclaimed designer Kouichi Okamoto
Size: 29 x 34 x 52cm (11 x 13 x 20″)
Can store up to 30 umbrellas
Plants and soil not included
Materials: sturdy ceramic
Made in Japan

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