Unicorn Tears Blackberry Gin Liqueur

Unicorn Tears Blackberry Gin Liqueur
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You might’ve heard: the guys at the unicorn farm messed up. Our herd of unicorns got fed a diet of fallen stars, causing their tears to be black, shimmery and delicious. This magical gin liqueur is bursting with juicy blackberries, plump spicy juniper berries, fat bouquets of verdant coriander and glistening sticks of liquorice – not forgetting the sparkly fragments of the galaxy that crashed down to Earth to be ingested by these majestic beasts. It’s true, shooting stars are packed full of glitter. The amount of shimmery stuff doubles when naturally processed by sad unicorns. The sorrow of having to munch their way through crispy space rocks before they can resume their normal diet increases the potency of glitter and deliciousness. That’s just #science. Swish this around, watch the gorgeous glittery galaxy swirl into action like a holographic milky way, and give thanks to the unicorns who cried so that you might party hard.

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