Unique Shell Jewelry

Unique Shell Jewelry
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I am a mother of three beautiful children who I homeschool. When we started to homeschool our children, I went to part-time work and have been unable to keep up with the costs of living. I have since started using my arts and crafts talents to begin making handmade jewelry out of shells and Swarovski crystals. This has become a wonderful passion and joy in my life, and I am hoping it will become a healthy business to cover the costs of growing our family. I have created many pieces of this beautiful jewelry and am in need of covering the cost of the materials used as well as further jewelry to make. I am also in need of getting my business known to potential purchasers. I also have a huge passion for children in dire need. I will be donating 10% of all sales of my jewelry to Child Fund International. Please help to make this dream and passion become a healthy, growing business!

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