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Uomino Wall Clock by Diamanti

Uomino Wall Clock by Diamanti
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Diamantini & domeniconi was founded in 1965, specializing in the creation and production of classical furnishing clocks. since then it has been well established in italy and important foreign markets, such as japan and the united states.

Today, thanks to creative director pascal tarabay in collaboration with young international designers, diamantini & domeniconi has a significant presence in the design field with the invention of objects that are characterized by a contemporary, elegant, & essential style.

Uomino is an appropriate clock for people always on the go since it quite literally gives the impression that time is running away. it was designed in 2006 by juan carlos viso & lorbus, industrial designers based out of milan. U

Uomino is available as either a wall or table clock. the wall clock comes in three sizes and is made from a lacquered metal frame. the table version has a MDF frame and a mirrored stainless steel base.

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